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Join the Haus Of Alchemy Sage Stick of the Month Club

Embark on a monthly journey of spiritual discovery with the Alchemy7 Sage Stick of the Month Club. Each month, receive a curated selection of four unique sage sticks, one aligning crystal, a Palo Santo stick, and a box of matches. Our packages align with celestial events, moon cycles, and specific intentions, providing a holistic approach to your spiritual practices.

What's Included:

  • Four Sage Sticks: Each sage stick is carefully selected to match the theme of the month, offering you a diverse range of cleansing and energy-balancing options.
  • Aligning Crystal: Enhance your spiritual practice with a crystal chosen to complement the sage sticks.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Boost your cleansing rituals with the powerful energy of Palo Santo.
  • Box of Matches: Everything you need to begin your rituals right away.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed guidance on how to use each sage stick effectively.

Subscription Options:

  • Monthly Subscription: Receive a new box each month.
  • Pre-Paid 6 Months: Enjoy a discount by prepaying for six months.
  • Pre-Paid Annual: Maximize your savings with a yearly subscription.

Why Choose the Sage Stick of the Month Club?

  • Aligned with Celestial Events and Moon Cycles: Each package is designed to harness the powerful energies of the moon and celestial events.
  • Explore Diverse Sage Sticks: Most people only know about white sage, but our club introduces you to a wide variety of sage sticks, each with unique properties and uses.
  • Ethically Sourced from California: Our sage sticks are carefully and ethically sourced to ensure the highest quality and potency.
  • Flexible Subscription Management: Pause or cancel your subscription at any time to suit your needs.

Take Control of Your Spiritual Journey

Our Sage Stick of the Month Club is a great way to explore and experience different types of sage. Whether you're looking to cleanse negative energy, attract abundance, or protect your space, our monthly packages provide the tools you need to manifest your vision and take control of your destiny.

Join the Alchemy7 Experience

Subscribe now and start your journey towards a more empowered and spiritually fulfilling life with Alchemy7's Sage Stick of the Month Club. Elevate your rituals and embrace the full potential of your spiritual practice.

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13 products