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We are an Alternative Health and Wellness company who specializes in a vast range of intention, manifestation and alchemy spelled candles in-house by one practitioner.

ALCHEMY7 was created to honor ancient traditions in order to promote alternative spiritual solutions to those in search of higher spiritual truth beyond that found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religions while encouraging the individual, giving metaphysical perspectives for creating a diversity of new approaches to spiritual practices. We ensure the continuation, preservation, expansion, and integrity of the client’s teachings to combined a whole truth. We advocate others to share their gifts as we are confident to share ours in order to enrich the Metaphysical community.

We specialize in the Diaspora—the ATR’S (African Traditional Religions)
We Support Spiritual Aura Cleansing, Smudging To Remove Negative Energy And Paying Homage To Our Ancestors.

Whether You Seek Protection, Love, Wealth, Social Power Or Are Just Getting In Touch With Your Higher Self; You Will Come To Realize, Nothing Is Beyond Your Reach.

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Our Mission

We Create Our Products With Honor, Integrity, & Respect To Help You, Manifest Your Vision!

“We believe, given the right energy, candles can do way more than produce an aroma. They can manifest, open roads, and fulfill purpose. When candles are lit under specific conditions, aligned with belief, and intention then combined with action; you’ll find, nothing is beyond your reach. Magick is like the element of Fire, it can warm you at night or burn your house down or the element of water, which can replenish you or drown you. The element hasn’t changed; it’s how you use it.” — Janel (Curator)

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Our Candles

Are Made Of 100% Natural Soy Wax, (we support local farmers.) We Use Organic and/or Pure Essential Oils and Fragrances. We Use Bees Wax Coated Hemp and/or Eco-Wicks. Our Candles Are Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate Free meaning they’re Biodegradable, Burn Cleaner, More Slowly, Evenly and Longer With Little To No Smoke and They’re Designed Aesthetically Beautiful for Home Decor.

Our Fragrances And Essential Oils Are Imported From Around The World In Their Most Natural And Purest Form And Specifically Combined In Order To Allow You To Experience The Full Benefits.

Our Crystals Are Raw And Natural Charged By The Moon And Sunlight To Activate Their Healing Properties.

Our Fruits Are Hand Dried And Our Botanicals And Herbs Are Aligned With Each Candle To Manifest Your Vision.

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    “I received the black charcoal & Crave soap, small candles and wax melts. I love the scents of everything. The scents aren’t overpowering; they’re perfect. It’s so relaxing and get cozy after I light a candle or melt a wax. My nose AND my spirit are really happy with everything. Oh, and the shop is quick to respond to questions.

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    “This is the best purchase I have made in a while. I feel feel like I have stepped up my candle & oil game. It smells amazing and looks so beautiful. The soaps are well designed too. Thank you so much Seller”

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    “Delivered to the UK from the USA, it arrived beautifully packaged, with little extras, that made the delivery that much more special. They smell beautiful, are long lasting and worth every penny. I will be buying from this store again.

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Manifest Your Vision

Manifestation Candles

Manifestation Candles

Our manifestation candles are intended for a broad range in intention. They’re... 

Intention Candles

Intention Candles

Our intention candles are infused and decorated with coordinating essential oils and... 

Alchemy Spelled Candles

Alchemy Spelled Candles

Alchemy Spelled Candles, spelled by Janel are designed as 7-day Ritual candles.... 

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is By Creating It!

Protect your energy

“Everything around you, holds some type of energy. Stay positive! Keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space clear of negative energy.” — Janel (Curator)

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  • Remove Negative Energy

    The act of burning Sage is called a smudging— a ritual to clear the energy in the air of a physical space, on an object, or even a person. Each Sage Stick has different purpose.

    Smudge Stick Collection 
  • Spiritual Bath Cleanse

    Florida Water is used to cleanse negative energy —most popular in a spiritual bath but also used to cleanse altars and objects within the home.

    Florida Water 
  • Smudge Candles

    A smudge candle can be used alone or can be combined with another herb to fulfill a purpose while removing negative energy.

    Smudge Candle Collection 
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All our products and ingredients are ethically sourced.

🌾Support Local Farmers 🐩Cruelty Free 🛍 Custom | Wholesale | Corporate

Relax… Fall Asleep In Peace & Wake Up To A Dream. —Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles

Experience the benefits of pure and natural essential oils. A single scent... 

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