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Manifestation Candle Collection

Cast powerful intentions with Alchemy7's Manifestation Candle Collection. Crafted with authentic spells rooted in the sacred practices of hoodoo, voodoo, and Egyptian Magick, our candles are designed to amplify your manifestation rituals.

Each candle, meticulously crafted from natural soy wax, is infused with potent essential oils to intensify the energies of your intentions. Dressed with aligning crystals and botanicals, our candles resonate with purpose, ensuring your rituals are imbued with focused energy.

With the unique feature of being snuffed and relit, our candles provide a dynamic element to your manifestation process. Follow our step-by-step instructions to harness the full potential of our Manifestation Candle Collection and witness tangible results.

Stay tuned for our upcoming candles in June, available for pre-order on our website. With Alchemy7, trust in the authenticity of our spells and experience the transformative power of manifestation.

Magickal Disclaimer:

While our magical items are crafted with care and align with ancient wisdom, purchaser acknowledges age 18+. Not a substitute for medical advice. Educational use only. Ethical and responsible use encouraged. Personal responsibility assumed. Results may vary.

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7 products