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Sample Candle Collection

Delve into the mystical realm of Alchemy7 with our Sample Candle Collection – a miniature version of our main candle line, meticulously crafted to deliver a magical experience in a compact size. Despite their small stature, these 2.5oz candles burn for an impressive 84 hours, allowing you to bask in their transformative energy for an extended period.

Ideal for travel, small spaces, or as thoughtful gifts, our Sample Candles offer a taste of the enchantment found in our larger counterparts. Whether experienced individually or as part of our themed gift sets of 3, each candle is aligned with specific intentions, drawing from the rich tapestry of ancient traditions to manifest your desires.

Embrace the magic within each flickering flame as you ignite the power of intention with Alchemy7's Sample Candle Collection. Let every small flame spark a journey of spiritual illumination, leading you towards your deepest aspirations.

Magickal Disclaimer:

Crafted with care and precision, our sample candles align with various traditions of witchcraft. While suitable for customers of all ages and experience levels, we advise purchasers under 18 years of age to seek parental guidance. Please note that results may vary, and our candles are intended for ritual and spiritual purposes only.

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21 products