Mercury Retrograde Spell

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    Welcome to the elite circle of those who don't just survive Mercury Retrograde—they dominate it. You've made a powerful choice with our Mercury Retrograde Candle, a top-tier best-seller designed to turn cosmic chaos into a playground of personal growth and intuitive mastery. This isn't just a candle; it's your ultimate tool for harnessing the tumultuous energies of Mercury Retrograde and transforming them into profound insights and opportunities.

    About Your Mercury Retrograde Candle

    Crafted with meticulous precision using natural soy wax and crackling wooden wicks, the Mercury Retrograde Candle is cast with a powerful spell and infused with potent essential oils that exude a citrus herbaceous scent. This candle is designed to resonate with the unique energies of Mercury Retrograde, helping you turn potential setbacks into stepping stones for success.

    Candle Dressings:

    • Lapis Lazuli: This gemstone is your personal talisman, enhancing your intuition and shielding you from negative energy. With lapis lazuli by your side, you’ll navigate Mercury Retrograde like a seasoned mystic.
    • Valerian Root: Known for its calming properties, valerian root will help you maintain mental clarity and focus, transforming chaos into calm and confusion into clarity.

    What Is Mercury Retrograde?

    Three times a year, Mercury appears to travel backward across the sky. This phenomenon, known as Mercury Retrograde, is traditionally blamed for all manner of miscommunication, delays, and frustrations. But for those in the know, it’s a time to harness heightened intuition and extraordinary coincidences for deep reflection and personal growth.

    2024 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

    • December 13, 2023 - January 1, 2024
    • April 1 - April 24
    • August 4 - August 27

    How to Use Your Candle

    For optimal results, perform your ritual on a Saturday during the waning moon. This timing is ideal for banishing negative influences and diving deep into introspection. Remember, this candle works best when you attach it to a specific goal. Focus on what you want to achieve, and let the universe conspire in your favor.

    Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde

    A Mercury Retrograde spell is not just a ritual—it’s a declaration of your mastery over the cosmic forces. By invoking your ancestors or chosen deities, you align yourself with the universe's energies, turning potential chaos into unparalleled clarity and growth.

    Pregnancy Warning

    Do not use if pregnant, as this candle contains Calamus Root. For more information, review our Pregnancy Warning.


    While our magical items are crafted with meticulous care and rooted in ancient wisdom, purchasing this item acknowledges being age 18+. These products are not substitutes for medical advice; they are intended for educational and ethical use. Personal responsibility is assumed, and results may vary.

    Congratulations once again on your purchase! Ignite your Mercury Retrograde Candle and transform this cosmic period into an era of reflection, intuitive prowess, and profound personal growth. Embrace the power, command the chaos, and let the magic unfold.


    • Re-do, re-think, review
    • Check and double-check travel plans and schedules
    • Leverage old contacts
    • Revisit leads that had previously fizzled out
    • Approach previous clients for business
    • Repair old items
    • Search your closet for forgotten goodies
    • Back up your computer, phone, etc.
    • Tie up loose ends
    • Finalize Negotiations
    • Start New Job
    • Launch A New Venture
    • Purchase Big Ticket Items
    • Send Or Receive Shipments (Buy Insurance)
    • Last Minute Travel
    • Highly Detailed Task. (Numbers)


    Aries (21 March – 19 April)

    This cardinal fire sign symbolised by the ram needs to slow its natural fast pace. The key to brave this year’s first Mercury retrograde for the Aries is to analyse, strategise and curb their primal impulsive response.

    Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

    Since the planet of communication is retrograding in this fixed earth sign, it is obvious that Taureans will be most affected during this three-week-long period. The usually steadfast and stable bull would search for validation from the outside, which could lead to dissatisfaction and confusion.

    A mantra for this sign to survive the Mercury Retrograde 2023 is to rewind and rethink their actions. The best part of this seemingly tedious cycle is that it would contribute to the healing of the soul by the time the retrograde ends on 14 May.

    Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

    Mercury retrograde shall most affect this mutable air sign after Taurus. The primary season is that Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign symbolised by the celestial twins. Intelligent, sociable and excellent communicators, the Gemini will delve deep into their psyche to look for some answers to uncomfortable truths plaguing them for a while. This is their time to heal, and it could get a bit challenging. This Mercury retrograde presents them with an opportunity to connect with their inner self and be at peace with themselves after surviving this astronomical event.

    Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

    This reclusive water sign, symbolised by the crab, would be forced to come out of its shell and reconnect with people during this period, which might not be such a bad thing after all.

    Leo (23 July – 22 August)

    This fixed fire sign needs to put a check on their enthusiasm and take a step back in all areas of their life. One word of advice given to the Leo is to keep their feet firmly on the ground and not get swayed by the uncertainties caused by this event. Patience and keeping calm could help them come out of this Mercury retrograde unscathed.

    Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

    This earth sign symbolised by The Virgin needs to focus on travel, in the most literal but also physical sense. Since the reticent Virgo is ruled by Mercury, it can’t be stressed enough that they will be affected by the planet retrograding. It is predicted that Virgos will go back in time and travel to their past to get a brand new perspective. They will evolve during Mercury retrograde 2023.

    Libra (23 September – 22 October)

    Libra’s focus during this time would be fixing their relationships. This air sign, which could be termed the social butterfly among the zodiacs, will confront old friends and take up issues that have been festering for long enough. This much-needed intervention with close ones will liberate the Libran soul.

    Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

    For this enigmatic water sign symbolised by the scorpion, this period will be all about seeking karmic retribution against their foes from past or even ex-partners. Instead of getting trapped in the web of toxic relationships, they will find a way to come out of it and start with a clean slate.

    Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

    Like other fire signs Aries and Leo, the Sagittarius needs to be on the backfoot with taking initiative and executing projects at hand. They need to spend more time ideating rather than taking action, and, of course, avoid rash decisions.

    Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

    This cardinal earth sign loves to plan and is career oriented. Mercury going in retrograde means that their carefully laid out plans going completely haywire. But this also would give them a chance to think out of the box and get their creative juices flowing.

    Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

    One of the most progressive of all the zodiacs, the Aquarian will be posed with a challenge to deal with the emotional aspect of their life during the time Mercury is in retrograde. This fixed air sign symbolised by a water carrier will look at their intimate relationships intensely and prioritise the ones that really matter over the others.

    Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

    Though the earth signs are the ones getting most seriously affected by this Mercury retrograde, water signs, including Pisces, should be careful too. One good thing coming out of this phenomenon for the Pisces is that they will open up to new people and experiences, but this also requires them to set boundaries.

     Moon cycles


    Mercury Retrograde Spell

    Write your intention on a piece of white paper and place under candle.


    Light the candle & recite 3 x's:


    I pray onto God, My Ancestors, and My Guardian Angels.

    Mercury, swift and undeniably bright,

    Command my words, steer them right.

    Retrograde, you dare not bring despair,

    Clear my path, purify the air.

    Misunderstandings, now unravel,

    Harmony and peace, let me travel.

    By the power of air and undeniable might,

    Mercury, you will make all things right.

    Please Protect Me.

    So Mote It Be.

     The feedback — of the MERCURY RETROGRADE CANDLE is a serious energy shift within 48 hours in a positive way.


    Homage Is Honoring Our Ancestors

    It is a duty based on the belief that when we die we continue to exist.  It is also believed that spirits have the ability to look after the living and to influence their fortune.  Paying homage to our elders allows us seeking our ancestors’ wisdom, guidance and assistance for us.

    We honor by remembering.  Remembering also opens up a communication channel with our personal history which shapes so much of our conscious and unconscious identity.  As you think on how a relative would respond with a problem or simply by directly asking their advice you might receive some guidance in the form of intuitions, images, dreams or meetings with people with answers.

    The ritual of welcoming and honoring ancestors is an ancient spiritual practice found in many cultures and traditions. Thus we begin this ceremony with paying tribute and expressing gratitude to our ancestors.

    From our histories our ancestors call to us, asking “whence we come, and how and whither?” We are grateful for their gifts, their lessons, and their challenge; calling us into accountability and responsibility to fulfill their hopes and aspirations, for “What they dreamed be ours to do.”

    We call on and invoke our parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, our siblings, from across time and place, to be here with us.

    The best way I have found is To make a meal for my ancestors. My father liked the river; so, I bring him his favorite food, brown liquor and light up his favorite cigarette and speak to him near the river banks. For my other ancestors whom I never met and those that were much older than me. I make them fried fish, pan fried cabbage, black eyed peas and cornbread. This isn't a typical meal for me; however, this may have been a typical meal for your ancestors. Take small portions and apply to a plate. The leave the place near a cedar tree.

    I hate littering but the animals will eat the food and the plate will be cleaned; it's Divine timing.


    When your candle has completely burned down, you may choose to recycle the entire glass container with the wax in it. However, if you would like to reuse the holder, take any remaining wax out of the holder. This can be done by placing the holder in hot water or by placing your holder (if it’s oven safe) in an oven set at the very lowest setting (usually “Warm”).  Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to soften the wax in the glass. Once the wax is soft, it may be scooped out or even wiped out with a paper towel.

    You may dispose of the leftover candle wax by throwing it in the trash (your own trash if the spell was to bring something to you or a trashcan away from your home if you were doing uncrossing or banishing work), however, if you would like to dispose of your candle in a more ceremonious way, you have several options.


    Magical Item Disclosure

    Alchemy7 Magical Item Disclosure: Welcome to Alchemy7's online store, where we offer an enchanting selection of magical items designed to enhance your spiritual journey and mystical pursuits. As part of our commitment to transparency and compliance with U.S. Federal Law, we have prepared this essential disclosure to ensure that you, our valued customer, understand the terms and conditions surrounding the use of our magical items.

    1. Results Disclaimer:
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