Spell Instructions

Spellbook with spells written on it and lit candles


Looking for Your Spell?

If you're in search of the spell for your spelled product, you're in the right place. At Alchemy7, every product is filled with unlimited possibilities and created with authentic spells designed to manifest your vision.

How It Works:

When you purchase one of our Spelled or Manifestation Candles, you gain access to a spell crafted to manifest your desires. Each spelled product comes with a card that holds a unique password. Use this password to unlock the designated spell page, where you'll find detailed instructions and the actual spell corresponding to the product you purchased. Look through the tabs under this section.

Why Passwords?

The password ensures exclusivity and is only intended for the Alchemy7 community and those who purchase a spelled product. Explore the tabs under this section to uncover your unique spell and embark on your magical journey with Alchemy7.