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Collection: Spelled Candle Collection

Alchemy7's transformative Spelled Candle Collection, where celestial alignment and proven outcomes combine to supercharge your intentions. Crafted under specific moon phases and auspicious days, each candle is a potent tool designed to help you manifest your vision. Our candles are meticulously created with precision and intention, embodying the very essence of authentic spellwork to amplify your desires.

Explore our collection of intention-infused candles, meticulously crafted to magnify your manifestations:

- Passion and Love - "Crave": Kindle intense passion and love as you harness the energy of "Crave." This spellbound candle radiates positive vibrations, inviting love to flourish in your life.

- Financial Abundance - "Currency": Invite the flow of financial well-being with the enchantment of "Currency." This genuine spell candle opens the doors to prosperity, guiding you on a path of abundance.

- Open Paths - "Road Opener": Clear your route to success with the transformative power of "Road Opener." This candle banishes obstacles and paves the way for abundance across various domains of your life.

- Revealing Truth - "Truth": Illuminate shadows and unveil honesty with the magic of "Truth." This spellbound candle brings clarity to your endeavors, empowering you to navigate with integrity.

Each candle in our Spelled Candle Collection is meticulously handcrafted and infused with intention, offering you a potent catalyst for manifesting your desires. Trust in the process, embrace the journey, and let the energy of each spell guide you towards achieving your goals. With step-by-step instructions provided, you'll harness the full power of these candles to transform your aspirations into reality. Pre-order now to unlock the transformative potential of each spell-infused candle.

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9 products