Sample Candle Sets Collection

Collection: Sample Candle Sets Collection

Discover the world of Alchemy7's transformative candle magick with our thoughtfully curated Sample Candle Sets. Each set contains three intention-infused candles, meticulously designed to align with your desires, uplift your spirits, and enhance your space. Explore the variety of scents and energies that these sets offer, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and inner peace.

1. Energy Cleanse Set: Experience revitalization and clarity with Calma, Citrus Sol, and Focus candles. Cleanse your energy and sharpen your focus as these candles work in harmony to create an atmosphere of renewal and positivity.

2. Serenity Set: Immerse yourself in tranquility with Blessed, Balance, and Lavender Field candles. Let the soothing fragrances guide you to a state of inner peace, relaxation, and serenity.

3. Reflection Set: Ignite introspection and spiritual exploration with Breathe, Happiness, and Rose Quartz candles. Delve deep into self-discovery as you harness the power of these candles to awaken a sense of clarity and self-awareness.

4. Manifest Set: Turn your aspirations into reality with Crave, Eminence, and Mercury Retrograde candles. Harness the energy of these candles, each paired with step-by-step instructions, to manifest your deepest desires and intentions.

5. Signature Set: Elevate your senses with the allure of Cuban Cigars & Bourbon, Exotic Rose, and Dragon's Kiss candles. Immerse yourself in a journey of sophistication, romance, and alluring passion with this captivating trio.

6. Love's Embrace Trio Set: Ignite Passion and Foster Love with Crave, Rose Quartz, and Dragon's Kiss Candles.

Indulge in a passionate journey with this set. Crave Candle is designed to spark love, Rose Quartz Candle promotes self-love and romantic energy, and Dragon's Kiss Candle ignites desires and allure.

7. Healing Heart Trio Set: Find solace and emotional healing with Mercury Retrograde, Happiness, and Rose Quartz Candles.

Ease emotional burdens with this set. Mercury Retrograde Candle offers solace, Happiness Candle boosts joy, and Rose Quartz Candle encourages self-love and emotional healing.

8. Fall Bliss Trio Set: Embrace the cozy essence of autumn with Apple Aura, Blessed, and Honey Vanilla Candles.

Celebrate the fall season with this set. Apple Aura Candle exudes cozy warmth, Blessed Candle encourages spiritual opening, and Honey Vanilla Candle offers autumn tranquility.

9. Create Your Own Candle Assortment: Craft a unique set reflecting your intentions. Choose any three candles from our exquisite fragrance list to create your personalized trio.

Dive into intention and fragrance's magic with Alchemy7's Sample Candle Sets. Whether you seek energy cleansing, serenity, self-discovery, manifestation, or a distinctive experience, these sets are gateways to holistic well-being and transformation. Illuminate your space with captivating scents and the enchanting glow of Alchemy7's candles. Allow these sets to guide you on a journey of self-improvement, empowerment, and personal growth, as the magic of candlelight illuminates your path. Your transformative journey begins here.

Indulge in the power of intention and fragrance with Alchemy7's Sample Candle Sets. Whether you're seeking energy cleanse, serenity, self-discovery, manifestation, or a signature experience, these sets offer a gateway to holistic well-being and transformation. Choose the set that resonates with your intentions and elevate your space with the enchanting glow and captivating scents of Alchemy7's candles. Allow these sets to guide you on a path of self-improvement, empowerment, and personal growth. Your journey awaits - let the magic of candlelight illuminate your path.

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