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Alchemy Trio: Sample Candle Gift Sets for Purposeful Magick

Experience the enchantment of intentional magic with Alchemy7's Sample Candle Gift Sets, meticulously curated to embody specific intentions. Each trio of candles is a harmonious fusion of scents, energies, and intentions, designed to empower and uplift.

Crafted to cleanse negative energy, mend a broken heart, attract prosperity, and more, these 2.5oz delights burn for an impressive 84 hours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the transformative energy of each set. Whether for personal use, rituals, altar adornment, travel, or thoughtful gifting, these sets offer a gateway to the profound magic of intention.

As mini replicas of our main candle collection, these sets are perfect for those seeking to explore our range or infuse their space with purposeful energy. As we expand our candle collection, our Sample Candle Gift Sets will continue to evolve, offering new ways to manifest your desires and infuse your space with intention.

Magickal Disclaimer:

While our magical items are crafted with care and align with ancient wisdom, purchaser acknowledges age 18+. Not a substitute for medical advice. Educational use only. Ethical and responsible use encouraged. Personal responsibility assumed. Results may vary.

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17 products