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What If Ancient Civilization Held The Key To Magick?

 ALCHEMY7 was created to honor ancient traditions, promote holistic solutions, and provide metaphysical perspectives to create a diversity of new approaches.

We are a Metaphysical Candle Company!

We handcraft each product, believing given the right energy, candles can do way more than produce an aroma.

When lit under specific conditions, aligned with belief, intention and action, they can manifest, open roads, and fulfill purpose. Nothing is beyond your reach.

Discover The Magick Of Candles!


Calma Collection

The CALMA Collection is our best seller! 

Handcrafted, infused with White Sage, Lavender, and Chamomile pure essential oils into natural soy wax. The candle helps rid the home of negative energy while bringing an instant sensation of peace into your surrounding environment.

Perfect for moving into a new home, clearing energy space and Chakra healing.

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Visualize The Magick!

  • Florida Water

    Used to cleanse negative energy —most popular in a spiritual bath but also used to cleanse altars and objects within the home.

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  • White Sage Candles

    Used to remove energy from your home, and environment. Changing your atmosphere into a peaceful one.

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