Alchemy7 offers a holistic approach to spiritual well-being, combining a diverse range of metaphysical products. Unlike many who specialize in one area, our store provides customers with a comprehensive selection of spiritual candles, crystals, natural skincare, spiritual tools, and more, creating a one-stop destination for their metaphysical needs.

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Aligned Fragrance Collections for Elevated Well-Being

Step into the realm of Alchemy7, where every fragrance is a purposeful collection encompassing candles, wax melts, sage sticks, soaps, body scrubs, body butters, and body oils. Handcrafted with precision and love, our collections are thoughtfully designed to elevate your holistic well-being journey. Whether you seek personal indulgence or meaningful gifts, our fragrances align with your intentions, making each experience unique. Explore, mix, and match these distinct scents to create your perfect aromatic journey. Discover Alchemy7, where fragrances tell tales of balance and harmony, waiting to fulfill your desires.

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Our Commitment

Transparency and Quality

Alchemy7 is committed to transparency and uses only high-quality, natural ingredients in our products. While some may use synthetic or inferior ingredients, we prioritize the purity and authenticity of our offerings. We believe our customers deserve nothing less.

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Manifestation Candles

Personal Transformation

Alchemy7 is your partner in turning dreams into reality. These candles align with your aspirations, helping you navigate challenges, attract abundance, and cultivate courage. At Alchemy7, we're dedicated to guiding your journey toward the life you envision.

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Why Manifest With Us?

  • Clean Metaphysical Products

    We are committed to ingredient transparency and ethically sourced ingredients

  • Inclusivity and Diversity

    We honor all ancient and traditional practices.

  • Chemical Free

    Our products do not contain: Gluten, Phthalates, Parabens, Hormones, chemicals nor mineral water

  • Sustainability

    Our glass, containers, and signature shipping boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable

  • Repurpose Materials

    Our vessels are recyclable and you can repurpose them into container jars. Wash and reuse the crystal as desired.

  • Shipping

    Processing 1-2 days | Shipping Mon-Thurs in 2 day mail

  • International Delivery

    Fast delivery options with tracking

  • Authorized Retailer

    We are an authorized retailer for all products we carry

  • Cruelty Free

    We do not test on animals or use animal byproducts

Premium Aesthetic Appeal:

Alchemy7 takes pride in creating premium, aesthetically pleasing products. Our candles are not just tools; they are works of art designed to enhance home decor. The visual beauty, embedded crystals, and carefully curated fragrances make our products a stunning addition to any space, setting us apart from generic or mass-produced brands.

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Our Core Values

Alchemy7 is grounded in core values of Honor, Integrity, and Respect. Our products reflect these values and are intended to uplift and enlighten both the individual and the community. We embrace Authenticity, fostering genuine connections and transparent practices, while Empowering individuals on their spiritual journey is at the heart of our mission. Inclusivity is a fundamental principle, welcoming diversity and creating a safe, inclusive space.

Quality is non-negotiable as we commit to delivering the highest standards in every aspect of our offerings. Education is paramount, empowering our customers with knowledge and resources, and fostering a strong sense of Community both locally and online. Sustainability is key, as we strive for responsible sourcing and eco-conscious choices. Innovation drives us forward, and Compassion guides our interactions, always approaching others with empathy and kindness. Gratitude is ever-present, appreciating the trust our customers place in us and the opportunities to make a positive impact in the world.

Personal Touch and Passion

Our team is deeply passionate about helping individuals on their spiritual journey. We offer personalized customer service, including guidance on product selection and usage, ensuring that customers feel seen, heard, and supported throughout their experience with us. This personal touch fosters a genuine connection that goes beyond transactional relationships.


We are dedicated to empowering individuals on their spiritual journey. We believe in the innate power and potential within each person to create positive change in their lives. Our products and services are designed to inspire, uplift, and empower our customers.

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Janel A Ricks

I am an eclectic practitioner, spiritualist, and light worker who's approach to creating natural alternative health and wellness solutions goes beyond skin deep.

"I'm committed to energizing your mind, body and soul for your over all well-being." - Janel

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Authentically Handcrafted

As the founder, I bring a unique skill set to the business, including expertise in candle magick. This sets us apart from other stores because we can create candles with specific intentions, spells, and the incorporation of crystals and dried botanicals. This knowledge empowers customers to harness the full potential of our products for manifesting their desires.