Experience Our Journey

Alchemy7 stands as a beacon in the metaphysical realm—a source for seekers of occult, spiritual, new age, and traditional religious items.

How We Started

Our journey, ignited on Etsy during Cyber Monday 2020 with three spelled candles, has been a dynamic evolution fueled by the demands of our valued customers. From this humble beginning, we swiftly expanded to offer 46 products with 97 variations, including a physical presence in Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA.

Where WE Are Now?

Our global resonance echoes in the proven results and positive reviews that underscore the authenticity of our offerings. The recent rebranding in 2023 symbolizes a triumphant chapter, overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. Now, with an online presence and an active pursuit of a new brick-and-mortar establishment, our commitment to serving our loyal customers and the surrounding community remains unwavering.

What Do We Practice?

While our store's foundation is rooted in conjure work, which is Bible-based, I, as an eclectic practitioner, honor and embrace all ancient traditions. Our spells traverse the spectrum from witchcraft to hoodoo to vodou. Yet, amid this diversity, our singular purpose persists—to Manifest Your Vision.