About Our Curator

Meet our Curator, the owner of Alchemy7. Janel is an eclectic practitioner deeply rooted in ancient spiritual traditions, dedicated to sharing knowledge, guiding others on their paths, and helping others manifest their vision. 

I was born with gifts that, at first, I didn't realize were unique. Growing up, it seemed normal to see people in the middle of the night who offered guidance and assistance, or to hear the phone ring before anyone else did. My family used to test me by picking up the phone as a joke, only to find someone on the other end, confirming my premonitions.

As far back as I can remember, spirits have been a part of my life. Even at the tender age of one, I vividly recall encounters with what I called "the Little People," who would dash towards me, sending shivers down my spine. My first encounter with a deceased individual occurred when I was just five years old; he appeared as clearly as any living person and informed me of his passing.

Throughout my childhood, I continued to experience visits from spirits and ancestors, especially during times of trouble when their presence provided comfort and guidance. It wasn't until my teenage years that I began to understand the true nature of my abilities—I possessed the gift of sight and could hear spirits calling out to me.

During my mid-20s, I came to understand that the nightmares I frequently experienced were actually troubled spirits channeling me. This realization was pivotal, leading me to delve deeper into my spiritual journey. I've always had an interest in witchcraft, but I found the Bible to be incomplete, lacking cohesion. This prompted me to explore various religions and traditions. While I've been drawn to Haitian Vodou and Egyptian magick, I still remain an eclectic practitioner for now.

Despite my curiosity and spiritual awakening, for decades I was terrified of my gifts. I repeatedly asked God to remove them, and for a while, he did. Self-doubt and insecurity often plagued me, fueled not only by societal norms and expectations but also by the toxic authoritative upbringing I endured. I found myself questioning what was real, unsure of how to navigate this extraordinary journey.

We all embark on our healing journey, a personal battle fought within ourselves. It took me 30 years to find an authentic medium who would mentor me in the ways of the ATRs, guiding me to understand my gifts and heal what was lost along the way. Through her wisdom, I learned to trust my intuition.

During the pandemic, I felt compelled to create three candles: a money candle, a love candle, and a road opener to dissolve my own blockages. Initially offered on Etsy, these candles garnered high customer demand, leading to the expansion of a 47-product line and the establishment of a cart at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA within just four months.

My journey has not been without challenges; many struggled to take my work seriously. Some criticized or misunderstood my intentions, requesting products unrelated to the metaphysical realm. Yet, despite these obstacles, my passion for authentic spiritual practice remains unwavering.

Working as a retailer in the mall opened my eyes to the curiosity and eagerness of many individuals to learn about ancient traditions. It also revealed the extent of societal indoctrination, where people were misled by mainstream narratives, religious institutions, and media portrayals. There's a widespread misconception that the craft is synonymous with devil worship, unaware of its roots in biblical teachings and the oppressive history that demonized ancestral traditions.

Throughout history, our ancestors were persecuted and labeled as practitioners of demonic arts to suppress their power and maintain control. Today, even the slightest deviation from societal norms is labeled as witchcraft, reflecting a profound misunderstanding of the term. In truth, healers were once revered for their abilities to harness spiritual energies and facilitate healing.

Through Alchemy7, I aspire to challenge these misconceptions and stereotypes. We are not mere practitioners of witchcraft; we are conjurers, root workers, light workers, and healers—honoring ancient traditions and empowering individuals to embrace their spiritual potential.

In conclusion, my mission with Alchemy7 is to bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern life by creating tools that honor our ancestral wisdom while adapting to contemporary needs. Through our products and practices, I aim to empower individuals to decolonize their minds, reclaim their spiritual heritage, and manifest their visions with clarity and purpose. Together, let us embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by the timeless wisdom of the ages.