Road Opener Spell


Congratulations on Your Purchase of the Road Opener Candle!

You’ve just taken a powerful step towards clearing your path and unlocking new opportunities. With your purchase of the 18oz Road Opener Candle, you are equipped to smash through barriers and open pathways to success like never before. Get ready to harness the full power of traditional conjure spellwork and invoke the energies of Eleggua and Papi Legba.

Your Journey to Success Begins Now

This candle is more than wax and wick—it's your key to transformation. Crafted with the finest natural soy wax and infused with potent rue and essential oils, your Road Opener Candle is designed to clear blockages and purify your spiritual pathways. As you light this candle, feel the surge of empowerment and watch as obstacles dissolve, revealing a smooth path to your goals.

Amplify Your Rituals

For optimal results, use an uncrossing candle before lighting your Road Opener Candle to remove any negative influences. After your path is cleared, follow up with the Block Buster Candle to ensure nothing stands in your way. This powerful sequence will maximize the effectiveness of your ritual, setting you up for unmatched success.

Dressed with Powerful Ingredients

  • Black Obsidian Crystals: These grounding and protective crystals absorb negative energy and clear mental and emotional blockages, ensuring an unhindered path forward.
  • Abre Camino Leaves: Known as "road opener" leaves, they clear away obstacles and open new pathways, promoting progress and success in every aspect of your life.

Important Notice

Do Not Use if Pregnant: Contains Basil, Cedarwood, Rue, and Sage essential oils. Please review our Pregnancy Warning.

Magical Disclaimer: While our magical items are meticulously crafted and steeped in ancient wisdom, by purchasing this item, you acknowledge being 18+. These products are intended for educational and ethical use and are not substitutes for medical advice. Personal responsibility is assumed, and results may vary.

Your Path to Success

You’ve made a bold choice to redefine and reimagine your spiritual journey. The Road Opener Candle is your steadfast companion, illuminating your path with its golden glow and crackling flame. This isn't just about opening doors—it's about kicking them down and forging a path to a future filled with success and abundance.

Light your candle, follow the step-by-step instructions, and watch as new opportunities and pathways to success unfold before you. Embrace your power, clear your path, and let the Road Opener Candle guide you to the life you’ve always envisioned. Congratulations again on taking this transformative step!


The Gatekeepers

The Road Opener Candle harnesses the power of the gatekeepers: Eleggua or Papa Legba. These powerful spiritual entities are essential in clearing paths and facilitating communication with other spiritual forces. However, they cannot be used together in the same spell. Understanding their roles and deciding who to invoke is crucial for the effectiveness of your ritual.


Eleggua is one of the Orishas in the Yoruba religion, known as the messenger of the gods. He is the keeper of the crossroads and the master of fate. Eleggua opens and closes the doors to opportunities, ensuring smooth communication between the physical and spiritual realms. When you invoke Eleggua, you are calling upon a powerful force that can remove obstacles and clear your path to success.

Papa Legba

Papa Legba is a prominent figure in the Haitian Vodou religion, serving as the intermediary between the lwa (spirits) and humanity. Like Eleggua, Papa Legba is also associated with the crossroads. He grants or denies permission to speak with the spirits and can open the way for blessings and opportunities. Invoking Papa Legba ensures that your communications with the lwa are clear and effective, helping you navigate your spiritual journey with ease.

Ancestors as Gatekeepers

Alternatively, you can call upon your ancestors to act as gatekeepers. Your ancestors have a unique connection to you and can communicate with either Eleggua or Papa Legba on your behalf. By invoking your ancestors, you draw upon their wisdom and guidance, creating a personalized and powerful spiritual connection.

Deciding Who to Invoke

Before performing your ritual, decide which gatekeeper aligns best with your spiritual practice and intentions:

  • Eleggua if you seek guidance and assistance from the Orishas.
  • Papa Legba if you work with the lwa and need their influence in your life.
  • Ancestors if you prefer a more personal and familial approach, with the added benefit of their direct connection to either Eleggua or Papa Legba.

Choose your gatekeeper thoughtfully to ensure the most effective and meaningful ritual experience. This decision will shape the flow of your spell and maximize the potential of your Road Opener Candle.


Cleansing Your Space Before Performing the Spell

Before you perform your Road Opener spell, it’s crucial to cleanse your space to remove negative energy and create a sacred environment. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. Choose a Quiet Time and Place: Find a quiet, undisturbed area where you can focus.
  2. Physically Clean: Tidy up, dust, vacuum, and declutter the space.
  3. Smudge with Sage or Palo Santo: Light sage or Palo Santo, and let the smoke reach every corner, visualizing it clearing away negativity.
  4. Sound Cleansing: Use a bell, singing bowl, or clap your hands to disperse residual negative energy.
  5. Set Your Intention: Stand in the center, close your eyes, and visualize your space filled with positive energy, focused on your goal.
  6. Optional Salt Water Spritz: Mix sea salt with water and lightly spritz around the room for extra purification.
  7. Light a White Candle: Place it in your space as a symbol of purity and protection.

Your space is now ready for your Road Opener spell, amplifying your intentions and ensuring a powerful ritual.


Moon Cycle and Phases 


What's the best time to perform the Road Opener Spell?

 Set Intention On New Moon Light Candle
January 29, 2025 February 4, or 11, 2025
February 28, 2025 March 4, or 14, 2025
March 29, 2025 April 7, or 14, 2025
April 28, 2025 May 5, 2025
May 7, 2024 May 13, or 20, 2024
June 6, 2024 June 10, or 17, 2024
July 5, 2024 July 8, or 15, 2024
August 4, 2024 August 5, or 12, 2024
September 2, 2024 September 9, 2024
October 2, 2024 October 7, or 14, 2024
November 1, 2024 November 4, or 11, 2024
December 1, 2024 December 2, or, 9, 2024
December 31, 2024  January 6, 2025


Perform Road Opener Spell

On a piece of parchment paper or solid white paper write your intentions, fold 3 times and place under the candle.

Light the candle and recite 3 x's:

I pray unto my ancestors known and unknown. Please help guide me in my right direction and unlock the blockages to the right path for me.

I invoke the sublime influence of the eternal father to obtain success. Guide me in all the subjects of my life and smooth all difficulties that are in my way.

I invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house prospers and my company and my person receive a message of good luck, sent by the divine providence.

Oh great hidden power, I implore your supreme majesty, so that you separate me from danger, at the precise moment. That my way is illuminated by the light of fortune and I shall receive the infinite blessing of the sky.

I shall not want!

I believe in God, the all powerful Father,


Other Prayers: 


With the permission of God, the Father, I call upon Elegua.

If you are near and I am worthy of your time, please hear my plead. I am at a crossroad in my life. I don't know where to go or what to do. I have tried everything along my path to move forward and have failed. All the doors of my life have been shut tight. I continue to move on only to face the same obstacles and rejections. Perhaps, this has to do with my karma or life lessons I must face. If it is, let it be God's will.

However, if it is not karma or a life lesson, help me open the doors in front of me that are keeping me away from my true destiny. God has blessed you to be the keeper of the keys to all life doors. Please open the door(s) and allow me to move forward. Please guide me to find my true path. In you, I place my trust, for you are one of God's beloved messenger.



Prayer to Papa Legba- Voudou Religion

Papi Legba sigil 

Papa Legba, open the gate for me, 
Atibon open the door for me, 
Papa Legba, Open the gate for me,
that I may pass.

I will thank the loa. when I return.

Thank You Papa Legba

Pay Homage To Your Ancestors


To pay homage to your ancestors, you need to make an alter in a quiet room with little to no traffic. It’s best to cover the alter in a white cloth. You may or may not have pictures of your favor ancestors. On a Monday, Offer them a glass of water. Say the Lords Prayer, Ask your spirit guides to show themselves. Speak to them as if they’re alive. Tell them your problems and ask them for help to resolve them. This allows positive spirits to enter your realm while banishing the lower negative spirits. Bring them coffee, make them a meal with the food THEY used to eat. Bring them tobacco and a shot glass of liquor. Leave this on the alter until the candle burns out. Paying homage to your ancestors should be consistent. It’s recommended every Monday but if it’s once a month make sure it’s consistent. Don’t take advantage of your ancestors and don’t anger them. Don’t take asking your spirits for help lightly.

We cannot ask our ancestors for help without paying homage. Click the link to view the procedure on homage.