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Freedom Candle: Uncrossing Spell Candle

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    Freedom Candle: Uncrossing Spell Candle

    Product Details

    Authentic Alchemy: Uncrossing Spell. Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Vodou & Brujeria. Authentic Spell - Manifest Your Vision! -

    Freedom Candle:

    Uncrossing Spell


    Pre-Order Now🌟

    Seize your liberation with the Freedom Candle, a potent tool meticulously designed to uncross and disentangle the negative influences that have plagued your path. This isn't just a candle; it's your declaration of independence from the shackles of bad luck, curses, and repeated poor decisions. Our uncrossing spell obliterates the negative energies holding you back, offering a clean slate and a bright future.

    Crafted with Precision

    The Freedom Candle is created under the most powerful celestial conditions: a Saturday during the waning moon, ensuring unmatched potency in dispelling obstacles. Each candle, made from natural soy wax with crackling wooden wicks, exudes a rich, herbaceous floral scent that enhances your ritual experience.

    Dressed with Powerful Botanicals and Crystals

    Smokey Quartz: Absorbs negative energy, offering grounding and protection against unwanted influences.
    Lemons: Purifies and refreshes both your physical and spiritual environment, promoting clarity.
    Horehound: Repels harmful energies and evil spirits, ensuring your safety and peace.

    Each candle comes with a detailed instruction card, guiding you through every step of your transformative ritual.

    Manifest Your Vision

    To maximize your journey to freedom and success, follow the Freedom Candle with our Road Opener Candle and then the Block Buster Candle. This series of candles provides comprehensive support, clearing obstacles and paving new paths for your aspirations.


    By purchasing this item, you acknowledge being 18+. Our products are crafted with ancient wisdom and modern precision, intended for educational and ethical use. They are not substitutes for medical advice, and results may vary. Pregnant women should avoid using this candle due to the presence of Angelica root and Rue essential oil. For more information, please review our Pregnancy Warning.

    Claim Your Liberation

    Pre-order your Freedom Candle today and boldly step into a future free from negativity. Transform your life and manifest your vision with the unmatched power of our uncrossing spell candle. Your path to true liberation starts now.

    1. When will this product be available?

    Production begins in May and is ongoing. Pre-Order begins in June and will be distributed on first; first served basis.

    2. Can this product be customized?

    Not as in change of formula; however, You'll receive a card with a link and password to the spell. This is where you can personalize the candle to your needs.

    3. What kind of magick is used?

    This is candle Magick (witchcraft) tailored to be used in a broad range of ATR practices.


    From aromatic candles to transformative rituals, experience the alchemist's touch of true quality.

    Robyn Pratt

    Love their products!

    I absolutely love these products. They are great quality, smell great, and radiate the best energy.

    Paris T Sumpter

    This is absolutely beautiful amazing the photos do not do it justice I already opened. It was so excited lit my candle took a shower with my new soap smells amazing. if y’all have not shopped her brand.

    Jennifer Allen

    When I did my money candle I needed $50K to start my new business.

    In 30 days, the wire is hitting this morning for exactly $50K

    I'll be needing a steady supply!

    Laura Morales

    Huge size soap! You definitely get your money's worth. Great consistency and smells great.

    The products are awesome and I absolutely love the beautiful packaging. Great communication from the seller as well.