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Reimagine Spirituality with Alchemy7's Mini Candle Sets


At Alchemy7, we're redefining spirituality by creating tools that empower and inspire. Our Mini Candle Sets are a testament to this vision. Each set features three 2.5oz candles, meticulously crafted to align with your specific intentions, such as self-love, healing, or manifesting your dreams. These candles are more than just wax and wicks; they are vessels of hope and transformation.

Key Features:

  • Long-Lasting Burn: Designed to burn for an impressive 84 hours, these candles fill your space with potent, transformative energy.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for personal rituals, altar adornment, travel, or thoughtful gifting.
  • Manifestation & Spelled Candles: Some sets may include manifestation or spelled candles, which come with step-by-step instructions for optimal use.


Imagine lighting a candle dedicated to self-love, another to heal your heart, and a third to attract the right kind of love. With each flame, you're not just burning a candle; you're setting an intention and inviting positive change into your life. Our Intentional Magick Mini Sets are crafted to provide you with the focused energy you need to cleanse negativity, foster healing, and realize your vision.

Why Choose Alchemy7 Mini Candle Sets?

Elevate your spiritual practice with Alchemy7's Mini Candle Sets. Experience the profound impact of purposeful energy in every burn and let these candles be a beacon of hope and transformation in your journey. Perfect for altars, home decor, or as meaningful gifts that embody both aesthetic charm and profound spiritual energy.

Magical Disclaimer:

Please note that while our candles are crafted with the intention to support your spiritual practices, they are not guaranteed to produce specific magical outcomes.

Pregnancy Warning:

For detailed safety information, including essential oil content and pregnancy warnings, please visit our Pregnancy Warning page.

Transform your space and spirit with Alchemy7’s Mini Candle Sets. Manifest your vision and reimagine your spiritual journey with us.

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16 products