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5oz Bath Salts-Gift Size

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Our bath salts are designed with a unique purpose from aromatherapy benefits, signature fragrances, healing to magickal works. Most of all they nourish your skin, hold the scent for hours, relieve stress, detox the body and create a spa day.

****THIS SIZE IS INTENDED FOR OUR GIFT BOXES**** Larger sizes coming soon


About our Bath Salts:

Scent: Varies

Salt Used: Varies

Color: Varies

Size and Dimensions:

  • 5oz white frosted glass jar  with Silver lid
  • 3” Height
  • 2” Diameter

Ingredients: Bath Salts may contain some or all. Please view individual listings

  • Pure Salts 
  • Pure essential oils
  • Natural  perfumes
  • Dried botanicals
  • Dried Herbs


  • Black Essential Oil Box
  • Shimmering Silver & White Crinkle Paper
  • Shiny Grey Packaging Sheet Paper
  • Card with Instructions and Information on Skin Sensitivity 


Description Of Scents: 

  • Breathe Perfume Essential Oil-Pure Epsom Salt is infused with Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential Oil, and these dried herbs to help heal the “Throat Chakra”, ease mental exhaustion, grief, worries, & regrets. (Minty Scent)

  • CALMA Perfume Bath Salt - Is Our #1 Collection. Pure Epsom Salt is infused with White Sage, Chamomile, & Lavender as well as these dried herbs. It is to help remove negative energy. (Herbal Flowery Clean Scent)
  • CUBAN CIGARS & BOURBON Bath Salt- Black Lava Salt combined with Pure Epsom Salt is infused with pure Cuban Tobacco, Sandalwood Bourbon, Amber, Cherry & Spice pure fragrances. (Designer Cologne Scent)
  • DEADLY OBSESSION Bath Salt- Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse & fine) is infused with the pure fragrance of Dragons Blood, Also Known As Sangre De Grado and is combined with Neroli and Ylang Ylang natural essential oils. Dragon’s Blood helps protect, attract, bring in love & amplifies magic. (Designer flowery herbal designer perfume scent with burnt orange undertones)
  • Exotic Rose Bath Salt-Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse & fine)  is is infused with a pure Rose fragrance & Ylang Ylang and Bergamot natural essential oils. (Deep Rooted Earthly Rose aroma) 
  • Lemon Orange Blossom Bath Salt - Pure Epsom Salt is infused with lemon and Orange essential oils, helps lift your vibration, cleanses your chakras & opens your intuition. (Citrusy Scent)
  • Rose Quartz Bath Salt-Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse & fine) Is infused with Rose, Jasmine & Musk pure fragrances and Citrus & Bergamot Essential essential Oils. This oil contains Rose Quartz Crystals and dried red rose petals. It helps heal your “Heart Chakra” by balancing your emotions & help promoting self love to feel more grounded, happy & paying more attention to you. (Flowery, herbal woodsy scent)



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