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2oz Soy Wax Candle Samplers

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Our 2oz travel size candles are designed to experience our collection, quality, scents, designs, & benefits of essential. The burn time is between 24-48 hours and can be shipped the next day.

Indulge in the small luxuries in life; unapologetically.

Scent: Varies

Color: Varies

Materials: 2oz Silver Tin Can w/Lid

Occassion: Home Decor | Aromatherapy Candle | Intention Candle | Crystal Candle


Soy Wax
Pure Essential Oils
Pure Fragrances
Charged Crystals
Dried Herbs
Gold Foil
1 Hemp or Eco Wick

Candle Dimensions:

2” Height
2” Diameter

Available Scents:

Balance- (Coming Soon)

Blessed-Raise your vibration with the aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh, which helps reduce stress, brings enlightenment and induces thoughts in to a meditative state. It also helps create a spiritual opening & grounds you.

Breathe - Our Eucalyptus and Peppermint Candle is an intention candle to help heal the “Throat Chakra”, ease mental exhaustion, grief, worries, & regrets.

Calma -Our #1 seller is the “Calma” Collection. The candle is infused with White Sage, Chamomile, & Lavender and is a smudge candle to help remove negative energy, resulting in an instant sensation of peace within your home.

Cuban Cigars & Bourbon - The ultimate unisex candle infused with pure Cuban Tobacco, Sandalwood Bourbon, Amber, Cherry & Spice fragrances. It resonates a masculine Cologne. My male Client’s scream, “This got my house smelling like a hot date!”

Deadly Obsession- is made with the pure fragrance of Dragons Blood, Also Known As Sangre De Grado. It’s combined with Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Dragon’s Blood helps protect, attract, bring in love & amplifies magic.

Exotic Rose - Experience this deep rooted rose aroma. A true rose fragrance. The freshly cut aroma from your prize winning rose bush.

FOCUS - Experience the power of White Sage & Rosemary as it cleanses negative energy from your home allowing for a time of clarity & focus.

Happiness- The Happiness Candle Raises your vibration by helping to trigger your “Happy” endorphins.

Honey Vanilla - Fill your home with the intimate aromas of Pure Honey and Sweet Vanilla. The perfect autumn candle to immediately capture the relaxing and calming sensation that makes coming home more enjoyable.

Lavender Field - Experience the pure essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile, the Lavender Field Candle may help with sleep & to relieve stress. Indulge in a spa day.

Lemon Orange Blossom -The Lemon Orange Blossom- Citrusy candle helps lift your vibration, cleanses your chakras & opens your intuition. Admire the beautiful combination of citrus.

Red Hot Apple Cinnamon - Experience the delicious scent of apple pie. The blend of Red delicious apples with hints of cinnamon can be mistaken that you were cooking all day.

Rose Quartz - The Rose Quartz Crystal Candle helps heal your “Heart Chakra” by balancing your emotions & help promoting self love. Experience the sensation of being more grounded, happy & paying more attention to you.



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Jennifer Allen

Most beautiful candles that I’ve ever dealt with.
super excited to shop from this store Again
My Bridesmaids candles turned out to be absolutely stunning.,also customer service was excellent!!!!!
I highly recommend