Candle Size Guide And Burn Time

Candle Sizes and Burn Times:

- 2.5 oz Sample Candle:
Fill your senses and ignite transformation
Burn Time: A remarkable 72-84 hours

- 12 oz Intention Candle:
Embrace intention with every flicker
Burn Time: 120-144 hours

- 16 oz Intention Candle:
Amplify your desires with lasting energy
Burn Time: 120-144 hours

- 18 oz Manifestation Candle:
Unveil your dreams with an abundant glow
Burn Time: 144-168 hours

- 20 oz Spelled Candle:
Infuse your intentions with enchantment
Burn Time: 144-168 hours

Experience the lasting glow of Alchemy7's candles, as you embark on a journey of manifestation and transformation. Illuminate your path towards a new beginning, and let the power of the flame guide you toward realizing your deepest desires. Your vision awaits - let's light up the path together.