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Sage Sticks help remove negative energy and sulphur out the air. Though, mixed with another element, each Sage stick provides it’s own purpose.

About Our Sage Sticks

Color: range depending on stick (preview photos)

Use: Ritual | Altar | Home Decor

Scent: range between light herbal to thick smokey.


  • 4” Height
  • 2” Diameter


  • Black Essential Oil Box
  • Shimmering Silver & White Paper Shreds
  • Shiny Grey Packaging Sheet Paper
  • Card with Instructions

    Palo Santo is a wood stick intended to be burned helping to rid your space of negative energy.

    About The Palo Santo Sticks

    Color: Tan

    Use: Ritual| Altar | Home Decor

    Scent: light woodsy.

    Each stick is 3” long and about 1”-1 1/2” thick



                                   ***Each Sage Stick comes with a link to instructions.***

      The following is a list of our available sticks and their properties:

      • 7-Chakra-helps to balance your 7-chakras. (Flowery herbal scent)
      • Black Sage/Mugwort- helps to remove the evil eye or evil energy. (Light herbal scent)
      • Blue Sage-helps with Spiritual Strength (Medium herbal Smokey scent)
      • Juniper-helps attracts wealth & abundance (Medium Herbal Smokey scent)
      • Panicum-helps protect against the evil eye (Flowery herbal scent)
      • Rose Petals- helps attract love. (Flowery scent)
      • White Sage-helps removes Pure negative energy (MOST POPULAR) (Heavy Smokey Herbal Scent)
      • White Sage & Cinnamon- helps Attracts Love (Heavy Smokey Cinnamon scent)
      • White Sage & Cedar-helps remove negative energy, heal your home, best for ceremonies. (BEST FOR BEGINNERS) (Medium Smokey herbal scent)
      • White Sage & Dragon’s Blood- helps to protect, attract love, increase psychic ability and amplify Magick. (Light herbal Smokey scent)
      • White Sage & Eucalyptus- helps with mental exhaustion, grief, regrets, and something that’s bothering you. (Light herbal Smokey scent)
      • White Sage & Lavender - helps calm your home. (Light smokey Flowery scent)
      • White Sage, Lavender & Rose- helps attract love but helps with self love. (Light smokey herbal Flowery scent)
      • White Sage & Pine- helps rid illness while bringing in wealth. (Light herbal Smokey scent)
      • White Sage & Rosemary-helps heal a home. (Light herbal Smokey scent)
      • White Sage & Sweet Grass-helps hold energy for blessings. (Light herbal Smokey scent)
      • White Sage & Turquoise-helps with peacefulness, intimacy and deep conversation. (Light smokey Flowery scent)
      • White Sage & Yerba Santo- helps open your third eye and helps with meditation. (Light woodsy scent)


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