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Unearth The Luxury Of Essential Oils.

What is it?  Naturally luxurious essential oil-based fragrances specially designed to provide a true and natural scent to enhance your physical wellbeing.

Ingredients We Do NOT Use — GMO’s, Phthalates, Parabens, Gluten nor Hormones. We do not use Mineral Oil in our Skin Care Line.

Who are they for?

Those seeking Alternative Health and Wellness Solutions.

    What it does.

    Our aromatherapy candles promote:


  • Relaxation 
  • Sinus Relief 
  • Anti- Depressant 
  • Anti-Anxiety and Stress
  • Natural Home Decor



      ALCHEMY7 is pivoting into a Premium Company. Our logo, packaging and recipes are changing. Some items, such as: our Body Oils, Scrubs, Salts, and Self Care Kits, won’t be available until May.

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