Spiritual Bath Salt Collection

Collection: Spiritual Bath Salt Collection

Revitalize Your Spirit:

Alchemy7's Bath Salt Collection


Immerse yourself in the transformative essence of spiritual cleansing with Alchemy7's Bath Salt Collection. Each blend, meticulously crafted with intention and purpose, combines salts, essential oils, botanicals, dried fruits, and crystals to perform specific rituals for cleansing, protection, love, abundance, and beyond.

Tailored Rituals for Every Intention

From banishing negative energy to attracting love and prosperity, our Bath Salt Collection offers a diverse range of ritual baths tailored to align with your deepest intentions. Infused with the energy of aligned essential oils, botanicals, and crystals, each blend promises a harmonious and potent spiritual experience. Say goodbye to the complexity of gathering ingredients and let Alchemy7's Bath Salt Collection effortlessly guide you through your spiritual journey.

Pre-Order Now for August Availability

Please anticipate the forthcoming availability of our Bath Salt Collection, scheduled for pre-order in August. Be among the first to experience its transformative power by joining the waitlist through pre-ordering. Rest assured, products will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring you embark on your spiritual journey without delay.

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