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Deadly Obsession-Dragon's Blood Soy Wax Candle

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The Deadly Obsession Candle is made with the pure fragrance of Dragons Blood, Also Known As Sangre De Grado. It’s combined with Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Dragon’s Blood helps protect, attract love  & amplifies Magick.

Scent: Designer Perfume with sweet and spicy notes of orange undertones 

Color: White or yellow (depending on dragon’s blood manufacturer)

Material: Glass or Tin

Occasion: Home Decor | Aromatherapy | Intention | Smudge

Package Details:

High Gloss Black Box
Shiny Silver Tissue Paper
Metallic Silver & White Filler Paper
Includes Product Card
About This Candle:


  • Natural Siy Wax
  • Dragon’s Blood Purge Fragrance
  • Neroli Natural Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Natural Essential Oil
  • 1 Hemp or Eco Wick
  • Designed and Poured in Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 100% Recyclable 

Decorated with: 

  • Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Colorful Chrysanthemums
  • Rose Quartz Crystals
  • Gold Foil

Size Dimensions:

  • 21oz Status Jar with Nickel Lid
  • 6” Height 3.14 Diameter
  • Long Lasting Burn Time: 155-196 Hours
  • 13oz Libby HB Tumbler
  • 4” Height 3.75” Diameter
  • Long Lasting Burn Time: 84-120 Hours.
  • 8oz Silver Tin Can with Lid
  • 2” Height, 2.95” Diameter
  • Long Lasting Burn Time: 60-80 Hours
  • 4oz Silver Tin Can with Lid
  • Dimensions : 2.5" (Diameter) x 1.8" (Height)
  • Long Lasting Burn Time : 35-55 Hours

Gift Set Contains:

  • 1 -21oz, 13oz or 8oz Candle
  • 1-2.5oz Clamshell Package of 6 individual wax melts.
  • 1-2oz White Frosted Bottle Of Essential Oil
  • 1-5oz Goats Milk Massage Soap Bar
  • 1-4oz Bath Salt
  • 1- Black Sage Stick
  • 1- Dried Herb Package Of Dried Rose & Yellow Chrysanthemum



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