Alchemy7 | Our Curator/Owner - Janel A Ricks

Meet Our Curator: Unveiling a Journey of Passion and Purpose

“Passion ignited my creativity," declared Janel. This profound declaration has become the driving force behind Alchemy7, a space where artistic expression, holistic alternatives, and the metaphysical realm harmoniously converge. Janel's journey is not just about products; it's about fostering a community of seekers, embracing traditions, and empowering each individual's path to self-discovery.

A Guiding Vision:

As the world turns towards environmental consciousness and seeks holistic remedies, Janel recognized a yearning for more. People desired to delve into the metaphysical realm, rediscover lost traditions, and join a judgment-free community. Janel's purpose blossomed from this collective need, offering not only products but a sanctuary for exploration and growth.

A Born Creator:

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, and later settling in Atlanta, Georgia, Janel's natural artistic gifts bloomed. However, her journey went beyond artistry. A Seer, Intuitive, Medium, and Clairvoyant, she suppressed her extraordinary abilities for years. A pivotal encounter with someone like her ignited a transformation, enabling her gifts to flourish and inspiring her to aid others on their journeys.

A Fusion of Faith and Spirituality:

Janel's spiritual odyssey led her to Catholicism from the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E). This journey not only brought her closer to the teachings of the Bible but also unraveled connections to African Traditional Religions (ATRs) that underpin her ritual candles. Armed with degrees in Business Administration and International Economics, and a Project Management Certification, Janel blends education and intuition to craft an authentic metaphysical experience.

A Trailblazer in Diversity:

Janel's entrepreneurial spirit emerged during college, where her innate ability to predict trends signaled her future path. In 2017, facing heartbreak, she embarked on a transformative spiritual journey, sparking her passion for crafting candles. The pandemic's challenges only fueled her determination. Alchemy7 blossomed from three candles on Etsy to a diverse array of 46 products with 97 variations, culminating in a physical presence at Perimeter Mall.

Elevate Mind, Body, and Soul:

Janel's philosophy is clear: Alchemy7 is a space that extends beyond the physical. It's a sanctuary for nurturing well-being, empowering the mind, body, and soul. With an unwavering commitment, Janel invites you to experience the transformational journey she embodies - one that transcends products and embraces the essence of self-empowerment.

“I'm committed to energizing your mind, body, and soul for your overall well-being." - Janel A. Ricks


During the pandemic, metaphysical stores had hardships bringing candles to the United States through customs. I had been told numerous times that I was very powerful. So, I decided to make three candles and sell them online. By my surprise, the customer’s demand turned these 3 candles into a 50 product line with 97 variants by the fourth month. As well as a physical cart in a prestigious Mall within Atlanta, GA. A Metaphysical store in the mall was dire. However, a store with one practitioner who creates candles, designs them with crystals and dried herbs that aesthetically beautiful to fit in any home decor and actually works is the real attraction.

Sadly, the pandemic isn’t over. Thus, the world is changing everyday causing instability and inconsistencies in everyone’s life. Therefore, I was forced to close my brick and mortar store. But be assured, I’m still here for YOU. In the future, I plan to join a community, become and herbalist and further my knowledge and creativity to bring quality to my products, clients and the metaphysical community.


  • Baccalaureate of Science in Business Administration, Minor in Computer Information Systems.
  • Baccalaureate of Arts in International Economics and Modern Languages, Concentration in Spanish & French - Georgia State University.
  • Certification in Project Management - J. Mack Robinson- Georgia State University