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Sage Stick Collection

Discover the Magic of Alchemy7's Sage Stick Collection

At Alchemy7, we believe in the transformative power of sage to cleanse, purify, and elevate your space and spirit. Our Sage Stick Collection offers a variety of uniquely crafted sage sticks, each designed to align with specific intentions and enhance your spiritual practices. Whether you're looking to clear negative energy, attract abundance, or foster love and protection, our sage sticks provide the perfect solution.

Explore Our Sage Stick Kits Our sage sticks are available for individual purchase, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your current needs. Additionally, you can subscribe to our Sage Stick of the Month Club, where you'll receive a curated package of three sage sticks each month. These sticks are specially chosen based on moon cycles, celestial events, and specific energetic needs, providing a continuous supply of cleansing and transformative energy. This subscription is perfect for those who wish to explore the diverse world of sage and expand their spiritual toolkit beyond the well-known white sage.

Sage Stick of the Month Club For those who wish to immerse themselves deeper into the world of sage and ritual cleansing, our Sage Stick of the Month Club offers a unique opportunity. By subscribing, you’ll receive a curated set of three sage sticks each month, tailored to align with moon cycles, celestial events, and specific intentions. This is a wonderful way to continuously refresh your space, explore different sage combinations, and maintain a steady practice of spiritual hygiene.

Explore Our Collection

  • Terra Sage: Ground and protect your space with white sage dipped in black color.
  • Secret Garden Sage: Cleanse and purify with dragon's blood sage wrapped with lemongrass.
  • Soul Sage: Heal and balance your emotions with white sage and pink rose petals.
  • Precious Garden Sage: Foster love and clarity with white sage dipped in pink color wrapped with lemongrass.
  • Floral Bliss: Uplift your spirit with white sage and flowers.
  • Spiritual Abundance: Attract prosperity with a blend of orange, cinnamon, and cedar.
  • Mystic Abundance: Enhance financial intentions with white sage, orange, and cinnamon.
  • Protection: Shield your space with white sage and mullein.
  • Love Sage: Amplify love and passion with8 dragon's blood sage and fuschia daisies.
  • Keepsake Sage: Cherish memories with white sage, dried flowers, and leaves.
  • Jericho Dreams: Encourage spiritual growth with rosemary sage and Flower of Jericho.
  • Eucalyptus Delight: Promote healing with white sage, eucalyptus leaves, and flowers.
  • Lavender Stars: Relax and find peace with white sage, lavender, and yellow chrysanthemum.
  • Jolly Holiday: Celebrate joyfully with dragon's blood, white sage, and red chrysanthemum.
  • Dragon Jericho Sage: Achieve intense protection with dragon's blood sage, eucalyptus leaves, and Flower of Jericho.
  • Happy Heart: Heal your emotions with white sage, eucalyptus leaves, and yellow daisy.
  • Divine Sage: Foster spiritual growth with dragon's blood sage and white flowers.
  • Cheerful: Bring joy with white sage and lilies.
  • Blue Moon: Enhance meditation with nag champa and white flowers.
  • Autumn Sage: Adapt to seasonal changes with white sage and colored feather grass.
  • White Sage: The traditional choice for powerful purification.
  • White Sage and Juniper: Cleanse and protect with this potent combination.
  • Dragons Blood: Purify and protect with dragon's blood sage.
  • White Sage and Cinnamon: Attract prosperity with this warming blend.
  • White Sage and Palo Santo: Deep spiritual cleansing with a powerful duo.
  • Blue Sage: Calm and relax with blue sage.
  • Cedar: Ground and protect with cedar sage.
  • White Sage and Lavender: Promote peace and relaxation with this soothing blend.
  • White Sage, Rose Petals, and Lavender: Enhance love and relaxation.
  • Mugwort: Enhance dream work with black sage.
  • Yerba Santos: Heal and protect with yerba santos.
  • White Sage and Sweet Grass: Uplift and purify with this sweet combination.
  • 7 Chakra: Balance and align all chakras.
  • White Sage and Eucalyptus: Heal and purify with white sage and eucalyptus.
  • White Sage and Pine: Ground and protect with this fresh, earthy blend.

Join Us on Your Spiritual Journey Experience the holistic benefits of our sage sticks and elevate your spiritual practice. Purchase individually, subscribe to our Sage Stick of the Month Club, and explore the diverse world of sage to manifest your vision and align with your highest intentions. Rediscover your inner harmony with Alchemy7's Sage Stick Collection. Explore our offerings today and find the perfect sage stick to align with your intentions and spiritual needs.

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