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Embark on a Journey to Financial Abundance with

Alchemy7's Exclusive Currency Collection

Indulge in the refinement of Alchemy7's Currency Collection, meticulously designed to unlock the gates to prosperity in your life. At the heart of this collection lies our esteemed 18 oz Currency Candle, meticulously dressed with a Basil leaf and pyrite crystals, crafted with unparalleled attention to detail to beckon forth wealth and prosperity. Enriched with a powerful spell cast under the waxing moon on a Thursday, it channels the very essence of monetary abundance.

Elevate your consciousness to new heights with our curated assortment of spell-infused treasures. From luxurious body scrubs to decadent body butters and potent money oil, each product is meticulously formulated to harmonize with your innate magnetism for wealth.

Exuding sophistication and refinement, our Currency Collection is presented in an exclusive gift set, complete with every exquisite item, alongside Florida water and aligning sage stick to enhance your journey.

* Do not use: if pregnant, contains Basil, Cinnamon, and Myrrh essential oil. Please review warning page: here.

**While our magical artifacts are steeped in ancient wisdom and crafted with the utmost care, by acquiring this collection, you confirm your age of 18+. These offerings are not substitutes for medical guidance; they are intended for educational and ethical utilization. Your personal accountability is appreciated, and outcomes may vary.

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3 products