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Calma Goats Milk Soap Bar|Bath Cleanse Removes Negative Energy

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Our Calma Goat’s Milk Soap Bath is a bath cleanse bar to remove negative energy attached to you. It nourishes, hydrates and leaves your skin feeling fresh & clean. CALMA is Our #1 Collection.

Scent:Herbal Flowery Clean Scent

Color: Purple, Green & White

Shape: Rectangular 

About our Essential oils:

  • 6 oz Bath Body Bar
  • 3” Height
  • 2” Diameter


  • Goal’s Milk
  • White Sage Essential Oil & Dried Herb
  • Lavender Essential Oil & Dried Herb
  • Chamomile Essential Oil & Dried Herb
  • Mica


  • Glossy Black Soap Box
  • Shimmering Silver & White Paper Shreds
  • Shiny Grey Packaging Sheet Paper
  • Card with Instructions
  • Card on Skin Sensitivity & The use of essential oils.



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